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What the media say about us...

"Capable of reaching the dizzy heights of fame reached by the Corrs.  A distinct knack of producing memorable and irresistable material which could catapult Dragonfall to major success if they're not careful." Rock 'n' Reel (Music mag)

"What a single! ..The lead singer's voice convinces you that you will never want to hear the male voice singing again. She has a gorgeous voice....Find of the month" Blue Lines (Music mag)

"I can only say that this album is NUMERO UNO, which basically means, RUN TO THE FOLLOWING AND BUY IT...." Big Issue (Mag)

"Coy vocals and a certain something mark them out as ones to watch" Folk Roots (Music mag) 

"This is going to be a big hit" "perfect chill out music" Valleys Radio  (Wales) First station to playlist Cleary's Window

"A strong Celtic beat mixed with ethereal evocative qualities." Cynon Valley Leader (newspaper)
Radio Cymru: (Wales) First station to play anything by us. They have played  'Cochyn Tal' (the Welsh language track on the single) regularly on a numer of shows for some time.
"movers and shakers in the world of Welsh music" Welsh Bands Weekly (London music mag) "Robert Davies cuts a mean lead.." Folk Roots (Music mag) Listeners voted for Cleary's Window as their "People's Choice" Lantern FM (Devon)
Dragonfall take traditional Celtic mythological stories and combine them with a modern sound to produce something special.
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"Dragonfall are contenders for the 'next big thing' slot." Blue Lines  (Music mag)

"A top tune ... this band is going to be huge"

"A cross between the Cranberries and the Corrs"

"This lady's voice makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck cos it's that good" Big Issue "mixes the old and the new in both music and tongue" BBC Radio Scotland (Scotland)

"a bit of class"

"thoroughly modern yet steeped in tradition" "An album for all seasons" "poetry set to music" Welsh Bands Weekly (London music mag)
album and single playlisted Nevis Radio (Scotland) (of the album) "some lovely stuff on there" BBC Radio Hereford+Worcester, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Shropshire
"Tuneful and pleasant with understated Celtic elements" Making Music (UK mag) "playlisted it as soon as we heard it" "very impressed" Cleary's Window was played by more than 30 stations and was playlisted on at least 15 - we've estimated 1000 - 3000 plays
"It is with joy that we introduce Dragonfall to American audiences... gentle wistfulness and meld of pop lyrics and Welsh legend" Celtic Beat (American Mag) "The single Just Have Fun shines with more than its fair share of melodic immediacy and sublime voice of Helen Davies adds to the attraction" Rock 'n' Reel (music mag)
"Celtic - but with the Welsh influences, just that little bit different" "If you want to listen to one of the most romantic songs ever written check out the gorgeous 'Forever'" Welsh Bands Weekly (London music mag) "I have to listen to stuff because its my job, but this album I will listen to for pure pleasure" "excellent single, by hook or by crook I will play you as often as I can"
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We'd like to thank everyone for their support and the very many nice things that they have said.


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