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"Celtic Festival Of Wales" - Porthcawl 27/2/2005 photos by Rob & James Powell

Matt 46K

Rob & Helen 44K

Angharad adds percussion 52K

Paul 40K


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"School Concert" - Ysgol Llanhari 18/2/2005

With Angharad on holiday, Ananth helps out with Indian percussion 60K


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"Children In Need" - Cwmaman 3/11/2003 photos by Adam Neil

Matt tries not to pop the balloons 30K

Angharad takes the lead 34K

Paul with his shiny new guitar 38K

Helen & Rob catch up on some sleep 28K


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"Radio 2 Live at the Toucan Club" - Cardiff 17/10/2001 photos by Tariq Pugh

Steve & Angharad 31K

Rob 53K

Angharad & Frank 44K

Helen (Angel of the North pose!)24K


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"Music In The Park" - Pontypridd 2/6/2001 photos by Hefin Karadog

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The bandstand 31K

Band in the stand 53K

Angharad sings 44K

Fan: Emma 24K


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Clwb Y Bont - 9/12/2000

Merry Christmas 55K from the penguin 48K and Dragonfall 41K


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Middlewich Boat Festival - Summer 2000

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In the tent 22K Serious faces 24K All together now 22K


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Photos of First Album Line-up - photos by Stephen Davies

On a cold and extremely windy day at some unearthly hour of a Saturday morning (yes, before 12), Steve took us to Cardiff Bay...

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Who knicked our bikes? 69K

Pete shows off his catwalk strut

(That'll teach him) 32K

It'll never float 80K
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The 6th dragon? 94K Don't jump 72K Dial a band 102K
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Branching out 102K

On the dock of the bay...

(Cardiff Bay) 65K

Best Manics impression 88K


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