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Dragonfall Musicians...


Helen Davies   Vocals & Synth
Rob Davies Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Angharad Davies   Synth Backing Vocals& Percussion
Saul Williams Bass
March blue eyesatt Davies Drums


Previous Musicians...

Steve Jones Bass
Foreverrank Connor-Hughes Drums
John Pulman   Session Bass on 1st album
Greg Haver   Session Drums on 1st album
Gareth Preest   Rhythm Guitar on 1st album
Peter Cowan   Bass on 1st album
Steve Chandler   Drums
Elliot Bennet Live Drummer


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Helen Davies -


Lead vocals, songwriter, keyboards

Helen is the lead vocalist, and one of the main songwriters.  She writes practically all of the words and co-writes the music with Rob.

Helen is impressive to watch when writing, as words seem to flow effortlessly - yet they are always deep and meaningful. (As can be seen from her explanations of the stories behind the songs.).

Helen plays keyboards, a little guitar and assorted wind instruments. 

She played the synth parts on the first album using mainly an Alesis QS6 keyboard and a Korg M8.


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Rob Davies -


Lead guitars, songwriter, backing vocals

Rob is the lead guitarist, and one of the main songwriters.  He co-writes the music with Helen (adding only the occasional word, "because Helen's much better at it").

He has a small collection of different types of guitar.  For the album, he used a '72 Stratocaster, an Ovation electroacoustic 12 string and an Ibanez acoustic. He uses Peavey amplification as he likes the harmonics it generates for clean sounds. Effects are applied subtly via a Boss ME-8.

Rob has a home studio on which he arranges most of the music. He writes mainly on guitar but also uses keyboards, computer and drum machine to develop songs sufficiently with Helen before presenting them to the band. 

He contributed backing vocals to several of the tracks on the first album and co-produced the album with Greg.

He also built this web site.


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Angharad Davies -


Backing vocals, keyboards and percussion

Angharad contributed backing vocals on several tracks on the 'Silver Sea' album and contributes keyboards and backing vocals on the 'Natur Bywyd' album.

Her distinctive voice has added much to the Dragonfall sound.  She has a knack for creating beautiful harmonies.

She is an accomplished violinist and although she did not play on the album, she has contributed violin parts to live performances.She is also a competent drummer -and plays floor tom on "Fel Un Drws Yn Cau".

She took over on keyboards from Helen for live performances. On some live songs, Angharad takes the lead vocals while Helen contributes backing vocals and keyboards. Hopefully these will be recorded in the studio at some point.



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aul Williams -



Following Steve's departure, Paul has taken over bass duties.

Paul is a competent musician and has played with other bands. His competence was put to the test in his first gig, for which he had one week to learn a quite varied 45minute set for the 'Session Fawr' festival at Dolgellau broadcast live on radio. The gig went extremely well as did his first live radio interview which followed immediately after.

He has a good sense of humour which fits in well with the band.


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March blue eyesatt Davies -


Matt has been playing with us since November 2003.

He is a multi-instrumenalist, playing guitar, bass and flute for good measure.

In his spare time he can be caught acting in murder mystery nights, or terrifying small children playing the baddie in pantomimes!


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Previous Dragonfall Musicians...


Steve Jones -



Steve Jones was the bass player with the band for some time.

He joined for the sell-out gig at the Coliseum, Aberdare on January 8th 2000, appeared on the 'natur bywyd' album, and gigged with us until July 2002.

It was Steve's second experience of working with Rob and Helen, as he used to play in a previous incarnation called "Fragile Earth".

An experienced bass player, he also played with 'Quest' in the 1980s.

He remains a very close friend.


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rank Connor-Hughes -


Frank has been playing drums with us since Janaury 2001. He had played drums with various bands for about 18 years, but put away his rock shorts to join Dragonfall.

He played with us for many live gigs and drummed on the 'natur bywyd' album.

He is a complete nutcase and his dancing has to be seen to be believed!!

He left the band in summer 2002



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Greg Haver -

Drums and percussion. Producer/engineer.

Greg is an "honourary dragon", - it's us who have the honour of him playing with us from time to time. As far as we are concerned he is the absolute best at what he does.

Greg played drums and percussion as a session player on the 'Silver Sea' album, and also played on the 'Natur Bywyd' album.

Greg has been successful as a drummer in a number of bands and also ran a recording studio and record label - 'Big Noise Recorders' in Cardiff.

Greg co-produced the first album with Rob and did most of the engineering and all of the final mixes. He also produced the 'Natur Bywyd' album.

Greg has worked with a number of successful Welsh bands including Tom Jones, Catatonia, Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals, 60 Foot Dolls and Derrero...

Greg also composes and records songs.

If that wasn't enough, he has had chart success in the past.

He is now very well regarded as a free lance producer whose work takes him all over the world. Even so he remains a very good friend who always makes time for us.


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Gareth Preest -

Rhythm guitars

A former member of a previous incarnation of the band, Gareth re-joined the band part way through the 'Silver Sea' album and plays rhythm guitar on several tracks.

He would have played on more tracks if he hadn't managed to break his wrist and shoulder shortly after joining. Until it healed, this did cramp his style slightly.

On the album, he plays a Ovation Celebrity 6 string and an Ovation electroacoustic 12 string.

Live, for his clean sounds, he applies subtle Boss ME-8 effects into Marshall amplification.

Increasing day-job commitments led to Gareth's departure from the band. We remain close friends.


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Peter Cowan -

Bass guitar

A former member of a previous incarnation of the band, Pete re-joined the band part way through the 'Silver Sea' album and played bass guitar on 5 tracks.

He is an accomplished drummer - and in fact the first time he joined the band, he did so as the drummer.  However, bass is his preferred instrument.  (Especially since its a lot easier to set up than a drum kit.)

One band is not enough for him, so he also plays in other bands whenever he can.

Pete also composes and records songs on his home studio.

Unfortunately, Pete moved to the other side of the world - Leeds, which made it impractical for him to stay in the band. However, he remains a close friend and we keep in touch.


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Plliot Bennet -


Elliot joined the band after the album was released and played with us on TV, radio and live performances.

In addition to playing drums, he is also an accomplished percussionist - playing occasionally in orchestras.

Elliot also played in other bands. He's particularly fond of jazz, his family, and his two cats.

He also composes his own material.

Elliot's increasing commitment to other projects eventually led to his leaving Dragonfall (on very good terms - no arguments). We wish him well and are sure he has more than enough talent to succeed.

Elliot is now a drum / percussion teacher. We still keep in touch and regard him as a friend.


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John Pulman -

Bass guitar

Before Pete joined, John was brought in as a session musician and played bass on 6 of the tracks.

John has played in a number of bands. His current project is called Pink Assassin. They have had good reviews, have appeared on TV and are tipped for greater things.

We wish the band well.


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Steve Chandler -


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Steve Chandler joined the band on January 8th 2000.  He played drums for live and TV gigs, contributed percussion to the single 'Yn Y Cymoedd'/'In The Valley', before leaving to pursue his day job.

He is an accomplished musician playing guitar, keyboards, penny whistle, bass and basically anything that stays still long enough to get a tune out of it.

Steve has played with other bands including Celtic Sprit and Wicca Man..

We still keep in touch and watch each other's bands perform.

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